Every single beautiful and unique Bunbury Board, Bunbury Bowl, or other item we produce at historic Lisnavagh in County Carlow has its own individual story.

The first Bunbury Board was crafted in 2007 as a result of the Lisnavagh Timber Project. The project was established by William Bunbury in 2001 after he returned from work in Lancashire to manage the Lisnavagh Estate. His vision was to sustainably protect the estate’s hundreds of acres of woodland for future generations, by finding creative uses for fallen timber and embarking upon a re-planting programme to ensure new growth.

At first, the Lisnavagh Timber Project produced items of furniture, such as bookshelves, worktops, and mantelpieces – all crafted by William with part-time help in his workshop. Always thinking of new ideas for new products, he began to produce the first Bunbury Boards in late 2007. The reaction was so instant and so positive that there was an immediate demand for more, and so Bunbury Boards were officially launched the following year.

All our products are created from timber that can be more than century old, and which is sourced from either the Lisnavagh Estate itself or other historic and sustainably-managed Irish woodland. Even after the timber comes to our workshop, it takes years of care, patience and love before we bring a Bunbury Board or other item to market. That’s because the timber is first air-dried for up to three years or more, depending on size, before spending time in our kilns to further reduce moisture and ensure an end product that is as durable as it is beautiful. Only then do our skilled craftspeople begin the intricate work that results in a unique and elegant Bunbury Board, or Bunbury Bowl, or other kitchen item.