Joe Williams was born in Waterford City in 1944, three years prior to the revival of the crystal industry in the city which had flourised here since 1783. It became an industry famed throughout the world that would shape his working career for over half a century and see the birth of Heritage Irish Crystal.

In 1960, at the tender age of 15, Joe was employed as an apprentice glass-blower at Waterford Crystal. Excelling as a craftsman along with his passion for the industry Joe went on to enjoy a wonderful and varied career with Waterford Crystal. After almost 30 years, Joe held the position of General Manager of the Glass Blowing division at which time he took the brave decision to leave the corporate world and concentrate once again on the history of the craft that is authentic mouth-blown, hand-cut Irish crystal.

In 1990, Joe opened the doors to our crystal factory at Bilberry in Waterford City where HERITAGE was born.

Full lead molten crystal expertly blown, with patterns cut deeply with precision combined with an unique polishing formula result in our antique style quality with wonderful weight and a consistent diamond like sparkle in each and every piece.

Heritage Crystal